Edge Profiles


Once you have decided on the material to be used and an estimate has been given the project goes through the production steps of templating, fabrication, tear out (if necessary) and installation.

During this process we will come to your home and make a pattern of your cabinets and countertop area. If there are existing counters we ask that all material be cleared from the top in order to protect your items and to help us to complete the template in an efficient manner.

If you have purchased a sink, cook top, or faucets please have them available so that we can include those measurements and finalize placement of these items as part of our templating process.

Questions about overhang, seam placement, edge style or general support will also be discussed at this time.

At the completion of the template a 50% deposit is required.

Prior to fabrication we encourage you to approve your final slab. Once your material has been inspected we begin the fabrication process. We double check all measurements, cutouts for sinks or cook top, where seams will be placed if needed and what the final finished edge will be. If any changes have been made since the template and it requires an additional charge you will be notified at this time.

Tear Out:
If your project requires the removal of old counters and arrangements have already been made with Epic Stone & Tile we will remove and dispose of them on the same day of installation.

During installation we will set any under-mount sinks or cook tops, faucets will be dropped into place for confirmation of fit. As the final step of installation we will seal and inspect your counters.

Once installation is complete it is important not to use the sink for twelve hours. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your plumber.

After you have inspected the counters and before the installer leaves a check for the balance is due.